Basic data on transfers XIV state legislature (since 03-12-2019)

In the global data and general details the joint committee meetings of transfers held during the XIV state legislature broken down by years, and with the detail of the staff and the funding that has been the subject of transfer, as well as a statistic of agreements approved by the respective Joint commissions.

In transfers outstanding general or common subjects, presents the comparative state for Autonomous Communities of transfers approved and pending approval in general topics or common to all or some of them.

In transfers on specific topics and extensions of transfers to Autonomous Communities lists the most relevant transfers approved during the XIV state legislature relating to matters affecting individualizadamente to an autonomous community, as well as extensions to transfer agreements functions and services previously approved.

Global data on staff and funding XIV State Legislature (PDF · 19,45 KB)

General data transfer agreements and joint commissions of transfers XIV State Legislature (PDF · 13,75 KB)

Transfer in general or common subjects XIV State Legislature (PDF · 47,62 KB)

Transfer in specific subjects and extensions XIV CCAA transfers to State Legislature (PDF · 9,9 KB)